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Cerro Azul • Washed Java • Honduras • 250g

Cerro Azul • Washed Java • Honduras • 250g

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Flavour: A complex and sweet coffee with floral attributes. This Java has a wet sweetness of red plums and a floral hint of white tea and rose pepper with a finish of cacao nibs. The weight is medium and the mouthfeel is juicy. 

Colour: Dark red 
Producer: Mierisch Family
Varietal: Java 
Process: Washed 

Farm: Cerro Azul 
Mill: Santa Lucia
Location: Rio Bonito community in Siguatepeque in the Comayagua Department
Harvested: January to February 2023
Farm size: 160 manzanas. Producing area is about 75 hectares
Elevation: 1400 - 1650 meters above sea level